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White Paper Examples

Using a time-tested white paper methodology, Hoffman has developed more than 100 business white papers and technology white papers in the last few years alone (see the sample white papers below). Hoffman clients use Hoffman's technical white papers and business white papers in the following ways:

  • Post white papers on their Web sites
  • Include white papers in sales force materials
  • Distribute white papers in response to client inquiries
  • Hand out white papers at customer meetings and conferences

The core of Hoffman’s business is developing effective business white papers and technology white papers that help meet marketing communications and sales goals. (See our articles on how to write a white paper.) Hoffman technical white papers and business white papers:

  • Tell a compelling story
  • Properly articulate business challenges
  • Explain innovative technology-based solutions
  • Strategically address sales roadblocks.
Browse our selection of business and technology white papers below. At Hoffman Marketing Communications, we believe a strategic white paper writing process is at the forefront of any great white paper writing company. We want all of our clients, present and future, to understand the strategy and professionalism behind each white paper we write.

The Hoffman Process: White Paper Methodology

Hoffman’s efficient white paper strategy—illustrated in the diagram below—ensures that your white paper project receives the same professional attention you'll find reflected in the documents in Hoffman’s portfolio.

The first step in developing white papers is to define the deliverable. The second step in the white paper process is a kick-off meeting or conference call. The process continues as Hoffman gathers and synthesizes the information you provide; in some cases, this step involves on-line research.

Next, Hoffman drafts a white paper outline for your approval and then submits the first draft for your review. Hoffman then incorporates your comments and feedback into the white paper while submitting illustration ideas. Throughout the process, Hoffman works with a designer you designate to ensure that the words, illustration, and document layout and design work together effectively.

The Hoffman process for business & technology white papers